Some of the corporate processes we can help you with

7th September 2022

This article looks at some of the less obvious but common corporate interactions we help clients with.

When most people think of law in action, the image of a combative courtroom jumps to mind. It makes great television, but the truth is arguing the law and setting a precedent in court is only a tiny part of what legal experts do.

Get more from your negotiations with experience in your corner

Negotiating any contract without an experienced partner can put you on the back foot and in a weaker position overall. It’s essential to understand your stated obligations deeply, especially when cementing fine detail in legal language.

Let’s face it, the technical language often found in legal documents is confusing at the best of times. Where negotiation involves complex legal wording, the risk of leaving value on the table or committing to unfavourable terms increases significantly.

Most people wouldn’t hesitate to have their legal team review a final contract, but might overlook the benefits of involving an expert legal negotiator when establishing its conditions.

Lakis & Knight can be a one-stop-shop that handles all elements of the ongoing negotiation process, or provide limited scope advisory services on a specific deliberation. We aim to help clients extract the most value from a negotiation while avoiding competition and consumer law breaches or other legal and regulatory pitfalls.

Respond to ASIC and other regulatory notices correctly and on time

A formal notice from ASIC can be intimidating and may confuse companies about their obligations and how to respond.

But regulatory notices don’t have to be daunting. With the proper background knowledge and a straightforward approach to providing correct information, responding correctly can be as simple as filling in any web form. You give the details while we handle the formatting and logistics.

Support your new board with boardroom expertise

If you’re a new business or in the early stages of your start-up research and planning, assembling a knowledgeable and capable board can be difficult.

Because the composition of the entire board matters as much as each member’s skill set, recruitment isn’t always as straightforward as it may seem.

Lakis & Knight board advisory services help provide scaffolding and leadership to businesses starting in this area. We guide hiring and retaining board members, and help you to plan for challenges that may arise at critical milestones of your business’ growth.

Resolve your disputes more effectively with better dispute resolution

When two or more parties cannot resolve a disputed legal agreement, the ensuing discovery, debate and verification of the facts can quickly become expensive and time-consuming for all involved.

A professional mediator or arbitrator can help you navigate the lengthy, cumbersome legal processes and red tape within the court system. Mediation can help you get to the core of a dispute, offering a more direct path to a fair resolution for everyone.

A good arbitrator should be able to:

  • Remain impartial and objective, with no bias toward either party
  • Provide relevant advice and disclosures promptly
  • Offer subject domain expertise in the appropriate field
  • Manage panel dynamics and conflict resolution well.

The Lakis & Knight team has a wealth of experience in dispute mediation, helping clients resolve disputes more effectively. We can advise, negotiate on behalf of client interests, mediate between parties, and provide informed recommendations of alternative fair solutions.

How can Lakis & Knight help you?

If you’re ready to negotiate confidently, take the next step with your board, or resolve a thorny dispute with an expert, reach out to discuss how we can help.