When to seek construction law advice

1st June 2022

Whether it’s residential work or higher-profile projects, here are some ways we can help you with managing risk and disputes in construction.

Running a construction company means managing various teams and employees from different industries, and involvement from third parties. From litigation for high-profile projects, to contract issues such as liquidated damage or supply issues, it’s important to have clear-cut expectations outlined in your contracts, and processes should a dispute arise.

Contract disputes in the construction industry

Contracts are of the utmost importance for all businesses, but especially construction companies. Contract disputes are very common in the construction industry, for example, between suppliers and construction companies. This is why it’s vital that you have contracts that lower your risk of getting caught up in a dispute – and coming out the other end unsuccessful.

Pre-contract auditing and contract analysis

At Lakis & Knight, we can help you by reviewing your contracts for compliance and potential risk. We can then help you rewrite them, making suggestions to minimise these risks, and lead to more successful outcomes should a dispute arise. We can also assist in analysing contracts you may be reviewing to sign yourself, and advise on your best interests.

Dispute resolution and negotiation

Should a dispute or claim arise against your construction company, we can assist by reviewing records and contracts to determine the merits of the claim. Our experienced lawyers can also offer legal assistance and advice when it comes to resolving a dispute or negotiation. We have experience specifically in advising on major insurance claims, and have worked on a number of top-tier developments including:

  • Qantas Lounge
  • the Supreme Court building refitting, and
  • the three towers in Sydney Warf.

Preparing proposals to secure finances and supplier agreements

Early on in your project, you may need to prepare proposals to help you secure vital finances. Our lawyers can help you prepare these proposals, ensuring all necessary components are included for your proposal to be successful. We can also assist with planning and approvals, advising on and preparing agreements, or drafting contracts and supplier agreements.

Get in touch for expert help today

Whether you’ve been in the industry for a lifetime, or are fresh-faced and feeling a little lost, we can help. No matter your experience, it’s important to have legal counsel who can guide you through your first proposal or dispute, and help you to protect your business. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you succeed.